Supply chain ERP


Supply chain design is concerned not only with the specification of customer zones, selection of manufacturing and distribution facilities, and allocation of product families to these sites, but also with the prioritization of the capabilities to be developed and retained internally, and the forging of new partnerships with other entities along a supply network.


  • We view a supply chain as a network consisting of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and customers.
  • The network, in turn, is supported by three pillars: Financial flow, Information flow, Material Flow
  • This dynamic view is particulary important in a fast-evolving world where new products and emerging distribution channels necessitate a contiunuous review of supply chain design decisions.
  • The validity of a particular supply chain solutions is therefore determined by the clockspeed


  • As the world economy reaccelerates, we sees companies investing selectively in information technology. We advises our clients to assess their major IT system to determine if there are cost savings that can be achieved, and determine how well their software/hardware infrastructure supports existings strategy and business processes.
  • We find that companies that evolve their ERP solutions usually do so for any combination of the fallowing reasons:
  • Alerts - cloud based real-time business monitoring tool to notify/send critical business information as SMS or E-Mail. This helps Retailers not only save time, but also gain better control over their delivery process.


  • Address organizational changes
  • Increase productivity
  • Web Reporter - Business reports that you access on your shop computer is made accessible on all your personal devices like home computer or laptop, tablet and smartphone when you are away from business or home. Your reports are securely accessed by port-forwarding your router in the store which helps in getting information from the POS server in the shop.
  • Web Order - WebOrder is multi-purpose online tool to increase productivity, saving time & costs for retailers & distributors. It has complete security, configurable access levels(both role based and user based) and flexible hosting/pricing options.

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