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The "Innovation Lab" of Avancer Software Solutions provides the resources necessary for you to minimize the time you spend evaluating and implementing new technologies. Having continually refined this process.

Our events are dedicated to the business context of new technologies produced by industry thought leaders with a proven record of delivering the most effective educational programs to the most qualified audiences.

Discover what sets our events apart:

The Focus

At our events, you get a strategic look at the business case(s) and implications of new technologies not the technical details. You're part of a focused, high-level audience not a large, undifferentiated audience. And you benefit from a speaker lineup of luminary leaders and hands- on end-users not a vendor agenda.

The Community

At our events, you're not merely an attendee, but a key member of the community. Every aspect of our events is designed to help you create a life-long network of valuable relationships. From the exclusive list of attendees to casual, catered lunches to evening receptions in premier resort locations, our events offer a fantastic opportunity for networking, socializing, and learning.

The Experience

Our seminars and conferences are perhaps the most exclusive events in the technology industry! You'll take away the experience of senior level end-users that understand the strategic impact of evaluating and implementing new technologies.