Migration & Reengineering Services

Application Migration   & Reengineering Services

Most organizations will at some time face the problem of integrating their existing systems with the Web world of universal computing while still retaining the advantage of conventional and established business models. Our migration and re-engineering services help our customers by transforming their legacy information systems into strategic enablers that support the growing needs of their businesses. Plus, our services can help reduce the costs of maintaining and upgrading existing applications. We offer customizable service levels to meet your organization's unique needs and goals, including coverage for different time zones.

Avancer Software Solutions application migration & re-engineering services include:

Migration Assessment: Application rationalization, inventory identification, migration strategy definition, migration roadmap definition, optional POC

Application Porting: Port an application to a new operating system or database

Application Upgrade (within same operating environment): Language version, OS version, database version, IDE/tools version, product scripting

Application Re-Engineering for new/improved business functionality and operation: Reverse engineering, POC (recommended), partial or full redevelopment, warranty support, optional maintenance support

Data Migration: Schema translation, data migration, data cleansing

Technology Migration: Language migration, OS migration, database migration, user interface migration