Facility Management CRM


Facilities Management CRM will also ensure you are always Marketing to existing clients, prospecting for new business and generally keeping your brand in the front ofthe minds of prospective buyers will lead to higher levels of new and repeat business,for this reason it makes sense to have a browser based CRM system that covers allaspects of Facility Management and service delivery.

Areas Wired Contact can help with

  • Fire Safety, Maintenance schedule management
  • Security systems management as related to SSAIB and NSI
  • Maintenance, testing and inspections
  • Commercial property management rent reviews etc

Features and Benefits

  • Website Integration & Administration system for head office
  • Optional quotes from database released to Accounts
  • Schedule activities directly to remote staff
  • Schedule maintenance, visits, reviews etc


  • All open Facility Management issues clearly visible
  • See the cumulative company history instantly
  • Integration with remote database systems
  • Simple data conversion from other SQL systems

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