Enterprise Consulting

Enterprise  Consulting

Improve operational efficiencies, enhance decision-making ability, and gain competitive advantage with Avancer Software Solutions Enterprise Consulting services.

As business competition intensifies, the importance of enterprise solutions as a strategic tool for gaining competitive advantage grows. Few organizations can afford development or delivery errors, or budget over-runs on an expensive global rollout. Solutions must consistently be on time and on budget, and deliver real value.

Avancer Software Solutions has a strong record of meeting high performance standards while implementing complex global enterprise solutions that deliver real value.

We accomplish this through the combination of experienced consultants with a unique implementation approach and culture. Our enterprise consultants possess deep industry expertise, process proficiency, and technology skill, gained through numerous prior successful implementations. This experience and expertise, combined with our lean, cross-life cycle methodology, helps ensure solutions that deliver real value for our customers.

To ensure that enterprise solutions support organizational objectives, Avancer Software Solutions has adopted the Envision-Design-Deliver framework for its consulting activities.

We envision.Decisions on IT enterprise solutions demand consideration of corporate objectives, timelines, resources, and culture. We bring deep industry and technical expertise to decision-making to help ensure that processes reflect both strategic intent and operational efficiency. More than mere hardware/software implementation, the alignment of technology to corporate strategy and objectivescombined with reduced TCO and increased ROIis what Enterprise Solutions implementation is all about.

We design.In recent years, sophisticated packaged enterprise software has replaced large, costly teams of people, legacy applications and infrastructure, and complex business processes. Still, enterprise solutions often must coexist with legacy IT systems as well as an organizations' cultural legacy. So our enterprise technology and process solutions are designed to deliver in all business scenarios.

We deliver.Management decisions are made easier when organizations operate efficiently at all levels. Without efficient use of human, technological, and financial resources, management's ability to make informed, objective decisions is compromised. Through delivery of solutions that optimize the efficiency of enterprise systems, we help our customers improve their decision-making ability, enhance business capabilities, and gain competitive advantage.